bodylove logo with artThe 80-episode run of Bodylove was one of the most satisfying writing experiences of my life! It involved collaborating with the dauntless Dr. Connie Kohler in teaching an ever-changing group of Honors students to use entertainment-education principles, how to write effective radio drama, and how to craft a narrative on a deadline. It also involved editing those scripts (sometimes rewriting them entirely, when changes in the direction of the show required it) and rehearsing them with the actors, attending all recording sessions in case last-minute changes were needed, and then working with gifted director Will York and resourceful engineer Jeff McKee through the countless hours of post-production to make certain every line of dialogue, every sound effect, and ever music cue were as perfect as our resources could make them. 

The resulting serial was heard all over the southeastern US in its initial run and has found other markets since, most recently in the Carribean.

Wikipedia has a comprehensive article about the series at

Chalethia and James at the mic


Chalethia Williams and James A. McCarty, Jr.
record a scene from Bodylove


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