One of the most intriguing projects I've ever been asked to work on! I was commissioned by Vulcan Park and Museum to write a one-man show honoring local hero Alvin Vogtle. I had heard of Alvin but did not know the details. But the broad strokes of his story are widely-documented -- and fictionalized in the book and film The Great Escape -- and I was blessed to get to know his granddaughter Katie Baldwin Kirtley, the keeper of the family legacy. 

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So meeting Katie was the first lucky break the show got. The second was that the outstanding and very busy actor Dane Peterson was available to play Alvin in the premiere production. Dane is not only extraordinarily gifted, but practically a physical double for Alvin.

Dane Peterson profile shot

The world premiere was on a weeknight at an out-of-the-way location, so I feared very few people would attend. How wrong I was!

alvin vogtle audience

The show was a tremendous success and is now touring the southeast with the fine actor James Ward out there as Alvin.

This script is currently exclusive to Vulcan Park and Musuem. Contact me for details about its future availability.


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