virginia as virginia

My beloved Vulcan Park and Museum commissioned me to write a play about Southern political activist Virginia Durr. I had to confess I didn't know who Virginia Durr was. But after absorbing her memoir Outside the Magic Circle I couldn't wait to get started. Research turned up hours of interviews with her and countless newspaper stories about her. From all of that it seemed a simple matter to craft the narrative that became Too Many Questions: an Evening with Virginia Durr.

I was inspired along the way by the certain knowledge that the perfect actor for the role was already out there: my friend of many years Ginny Stahlman Crooks. I wrote the script with her in mind and she's been performing it to wide acclaim ever since.

This script is now availabe for production -- contact me.


Ginny as Virginia Durr at the
Westminster Arts Center at Bloomfield College.
Photo by Howard Brayman.


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